Cyvex Appointed Distributor for SPI Diana

Berric, France - October 25, 2000 - SPI Diana, a worldwide developer of food ingredients made from natural products, has granted Cyvex Nutrition an exclusive North American distributorship for chicken collagen type II with chondroitin sulfate. The product was developed at SPI Diana's biotechnology center in Berric, France, using a unique process (French patent # FR 2 782 607, World and U.S. patent pending). Chicken collagen type II with chondroitin sulfate is believed to significantly improve the symptoms of pain and degree of inflammation in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

"We predict this unique nutraceutical will continue to be in great demand because of the aging population's need for arthritic relief," explains Managing Director Eric Dropsy. "We believe in the product, and we also believe in Cyvex, its supplier. Since we are one of the largest French processors of poultry ingredients, we are highly concerned with the quality of products we obtain from our suppliers. Fortunately, we have total confidence in Cyvex's quality control methods."

Similar to SPI Diana, Cyvex is certified as an ISO 9002 facility. Considered the "gold standard" for superior products and services, ISO's quality assurance system has formalized procedures to ensure proper documentation, inventory, handling, and quality control of all materials that enter or exit a registered facility. In addition, the ISO standard requires management review of the system, continually improving work processes.

Continuous improvement is vital, believes Gilbert Gluck, president of Cyvex Nutrition, because "The nutraceutical industry lacks government-imposed regulatory audits and standards. Therefore, the ISO standards and system of auditing benefit companies seeking to improve the quality of their products." Gluck adds, "We're honored that SPI Diana has chosen us as their North American distributor, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship."

SPI stands for "Societe de Proteines Industielles." SPI Diana is a subsidiary of Diana Ingredients, founded in 1980 and in recent years has expanded its offerings from meat-based ingredients to vegetable ingredients and amino-acids. With its global customer base, Diana now has 11 sites in Europe, as well as in North and South America.

Founded in 1984, Cyvex Nutrition is recognized industry-wide as a trusted supplier of specialty ingredients including plant extracts and botanicals, marine nutraceuticals, fine chemicals, grape products and nootropics for memory and concentration.


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