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Cyvex Introduces BIOVINCA (TM)

Cyvex Nutrition Introduces BioVinca™ a plant extract with 98% Vincamine, an effective memory enhancer

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA (September 11, 1998) - The common periwinkle plant has long been used all over the world as a folk remedy for a variety of diseases such as diabetes, wasp stings, coughs, colds, eye infections, lung congestion, and especially for headaches. Scientific research has shown that this plant can indeed have a real effect on physical ailments. In the 1950s, western researchers examined the periwinkle plant and found that it contains at least 70 useful alkaloids, with one of these, vincamine, being identified as a potent cerebral revitalizer.

In the past few decades, over 300 scientific papers have been published on vincamine and its actions on animal models as well as humans. Vincamine has been found to be a cerebral vasodilator, a substance that increases blood flow to the brain. In testing, it was found that vincamine increases oxygen utilization and dilates blood vessels in the brain.

For years the cerebral vasodilating action of vincamine has been used in Europe to relieve a number of symptoms associated with insufficient blood flow to the brain, including vertigo, difficulty in sleeping, mood changes, depression, hearing problems, high blood pressure, and lack of blood flow to the eyes. Most commonly, it has been used to improve memory defects and concentration problems. Vincamine is a nootropic, a chemical that increases brain function without side effects. In addition to their popular use as "smart drugs" that improve memory and concentration, it has been suggested that routine consumption of nootropics can minimize damage to the brain and the natural deterioration of brain functions.

In clinical studies, Vincamine has been used to treat the loss or impairment of mental functions, the effects of stroke, age-related cerebrovascular disease, and tinnitus. The results of an Austrian study released in 1996 by the Karl Franzens University of Graz showed that dementia patients treated with vincamine scored significantly higher in four cognitive function tests than those treated with placebo. An Italian study found that when treated with vincamine, 828 elderly patients from 11 hospitals who had age-related cerebrovascular insufficiencies showed long-term improvement in mental function.

Cyvex Nutrition, a leading and trusted supplier of high quality, specialty nutraceutical ingredients and a leader in the development and sourcing of innovative ingredients, is now offering its customers BioVinca™, a natural nootropic. BioVinca™ is an all-natural plant extract containing 98% vincamine. Gilbert Gluck, president of Irvine, California-based Cyvex Nutrition states, "While most of the publicized nootropics are synthetic, we believe that natural products with long histories of medicinal uses can be just as effective. With vincamine, our belief is supported by scientific evidence. Our customers now have a natural alternative to the synthetic 'smart drugs'."

The alkaloids of the periwinkle plant have a long history of healing properties and vincamine's future as a memory, concentration, and cognitive enhancer will make it a popular item with the public. For additional information on BioVinca™, the all-natural plant extract with 98% vincamine or on Cyvex's full line of natural nootropic products, contact Cyvex at 888/99CYVEX (992-9839), or visit their web site at

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