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Cyvex Introduces Revolutionary 'Antioxidant Wheel'

IRVINE, CA –Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., a leading supplier of standardized antioxidants, has released a novel tool for its marketing partners, the revolutionary Antioxidant Wheel featuring a comprehensive summary of all the company’s proprietary antioxidants for use in dietary supplements.

“Our antioxidant portfolio has grown to now encompass fourteen fruit- and vegetable-derived antioxidants, each with its own proprietary composition and recommended use,” explains Charlene Lee, MBA, director of marketing for Cyvex Nutrition. “We wanted to develop a comprehensive R&D and marketing tool in every respect.”

The two-sided, coated and colorful wheel has three parts. The main component lists all the antioxidant nutraceuticals in pie pieces. A cut-out on one side describes the classes of antioxidants (e.g., sulforaphane, anthocyanins, polyphenols, ORAC and glucosinolates), while the cut-out moves over each branded antioxidant to describe its benefits. The converse side also has a cut-out that moves over each to describe the active constituents, serving size, actives per serving and equality to the food or vegetable whence it is derived. Printed on this is a menu of Cyvex’s proprietary nutraceuticals and other specialty ingredients.

The Antioxidant Wheel is part of an aggressive and targeted awareness campaign by Cyvex to encourage continued growth of the antioxidant category. “We endeavor to work more closely with our manufacturer partners to encourage consumers to increase their intake of valuable antioxidants, and the wheel is part of our educational program,” Lee says. For more information, log onto, or call (949) 622-9030.

Note to Editors: The wheel may serve as a valuable quick reference tool for health indications of specific antioxidants. Please email Charlene Lee at [email protected] for your Antioxidant Wheel.

About Cyvex Nutrition
Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. has been actively engaged in the research, development and marketing of natural compounds for 22 years and has earned an impeccable reputation as a supplier of high-quality proprietary compounds. Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. has also developed the NutriPrint™ system, a stringent quality control program applied to all its products.

For further information, contact Cyvex Nutrition at (949) 622-9030.

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