Cyvex Launches LactoCalcium(TM)

IRVINE, CA - Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., a leading nutraceutical ingredient manufacturer, has launched LactoCalciumTM for the dietary supplement and functional foods marketplace.

LactoCalcium provides between 20 and 28 percent calcium plus other naturally occurring minerals entirely from milk. This unique nutritional profile has been shown in research to ensure better bone mineralization than calcium derived from other sources.

According to Cvyex sales manager Micheline Birkhead, 1000 mg of LactoCalcium™ contains as much calcium as one cup of milk, with a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus to maximize calcium absorption. “Absorption is such an overlooked issue, and it is the most important when it comes to calcium supplementation,’ she said. “We believe we have addressed this by the introduction of LactoCalcium™ to offer consumers of all ages the lifestyle and health benefits of stronger bones.”

Peer-reviewed clinical studies show that the naturally occurring profile in milk has four key benefits: increases bone mineralization and prevents the bone loss that leads to development of osteoporosis; is bioavailable and well-absorbed by the body; is more soluble and available to the body at a lower pH; and is best absorbed at a 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Cyvex’ LactoCalcium™ is available in granulated and micro-milled forms. Recommended dosage is 500 mg four times per day.

Cyvex Nutrition Inc. is actively engaged in the research, development and marketing of natural compounds for the nutritional product industry. LactoCalcium™ joins an impressive family of similar high-quality, well-researched compounds for health promotion.

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