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Cyvex Launches a 'Red' Hot Product: PomActiv(TM)

Pomegranate compound expands company’s successful red antioxidant portfolio

IRVINE, CA – Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. has expanded its red antioxidant category with the addition of PomActiv, a proprietary pomegranate derivative rich in phenolic compounds.

Science has shown that the juice of the pomegranate is an important source of anthocyanins, and that pomegranate juice consumption reduces oxidative stress in the body. Additionally, one trial by Aviram, et al (Am J Clin Nutr 2000) demonstrated pomegranate juice consumption decreased LDL susceptibility to aggregation and retention by a statistically significant amount.

“We are excited by the amount of positive research clearly demonstrating superior antoxidant benefits of PomActiv,” says Charlene Lee, MBA, marketing director of Cyvex Nutrition. “Stress and its negative physiological effects are clearly America’s top health concern, and the ability to provide compounds of natural origin to help fight those negative effects is a priority for us.”

Lee adds that PomActiv may be used in capsules, tablets and powder delivery forms, as a stand-alone ingredient, or in antioxidant formulas and dietary supplements that address stress. In addition, it may be used in formulas that address healthy lipid profiles. PomActiv™ joins Cyvex’ exclusive Red Antioxidant category, which also includes BerryVin™ (high-ORAC berry blend) and BioVin® (full-spectrum grape extract).

For further information, contact Cyvex Nutrition at (949) 622-9030.

Charlene Lee
(949) 622-9030

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