Cyvex Named Exclusive Distributor for Vinpocetine Manufactured by Gedeon Richter of Budapest, Hungary

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Irvine, California - For Immediate Release - Mr. Tibor Simon, President of Medimpex Northamerica Inc., Gedeon Richter's U.S. subsidiary, has announced the appointment of Cyvex Nutrition here as the exclusive North American distributor for vinpocetine sold under
the trademark Biovinca. Shipments will be made from inventories at Cyvex in Irvine, California.

Scientists at Gedeon Richter, the largest pharmaceutical company in Eastern Europe, discovered and patented vinpocetine 20 years ago. Vinpocetine is the most popular nootropic in Japan, France, and Russia, as well as in other Eastern European countries.

Known as the "Smart Drug," vinpocetine invigorates and enhances blood circulation to the brain and cerebral metabolism. The enhanced circulation is noticeable throughout the car¬diovascular system, but especially in the brain by increasing the availability of glucose and oxygen. It is noted as a powerful memory amplifier and is classified as an oxygenator and activator of the cerebral metabolism.

Biovinca is the only vinpocetine on the market manufactured in a pharmaceutical, FDA-approved GMP plant backed up by the most extensive quality control tests in the industry and the full support of Gedeon Richter scientists.

Cyvex Nutrition will be promoting this extraordinary nutraceutical ingredient at Nutritionals 2000 and Natural Products Exhibition, West. Founded in 1984, Cyvex is an acknowledged pioneer in the development of innovative nutraceuticals.

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