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Cyvex Nutrition Celebrates 20th Anniversary

IRVINE, CA - Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. announced that in 2004 it is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the dietary supplement and functional foods industry.

Cyvex Nutrition was founded in 1984 by Gilbert Gluck, a Canadian food scientist with more than 30 years experience in the industry, in Toronto, Canada. Prior to incorporating Cyvex, Gluck was a founder and shareholder of Bionex Corp., one of the first nutritional companies to be listed on NASDAQ, a pioneer in the development of complete meal replacements for weight reduction and calorie-reduced foods; Bio-Aid Laboratories, Inc., Canada’s first supplier of bulk nutraceutical ingredients to the food industry, and served as the editor-in-chief of the Canadian Food Trade Directory. In 1989, Gluck moved the head office of Cyvex Nutrition to Irvine, California, to be closer to the burgeoning U.S. health supplement industry.

Cyvex Nutrition is a leader in branding ingredients developed and manufactured by the company or distributed on exclusive basis for European manufacturers. Cyvex Nutrition uses a proprietary Nutriprint® in-house quality control protocol guaranteeing the quality and safety of its ingredients.

Cyvex Nutrition’s branded ingredients are widely recognized in the nutraceutical industry. Innovations have been steady: In 1996, it launched Biovin® full-spectrum grape extract; Biovinca™ vinpocetine became a key ingredient for many memory-enhancement supplements in 1998; 1999 saw the release of ArthroColl® chicken collagen type II as well as BroccoPhane™ broccoli sprout extract for added antioxidant benefit; NuSoy™ natural soy isoflavones joined the family in 2001 along with Gabatein® green tea extract; in 2002, AvoVida™ avocado/soy unsaponifiables and BioCosanol™ derived from sugar cane wax policasonols were introduced; 2003 saw the launches of BerryVida high-ORAC berry powder, LacoCalcium® milk minerals, and PersiFlex™ Regenasure®* glucosamine HCL with avocado soy unsaponifiables.

Cyvex Nutrition plans on celebrating its first 20 years as a supplier of unique nutraceutical ingredients with a new advertising and publicity campaign and participating in industry trade shows. The company also plans to launch several new nutraceutical materials during 2004.

“Twenty years is a significant milestone for any supplier in the dietary supplement industry,” Gluck observes. “I am very pleased to be able to be an important part of such a dynamic industry, and hope to be able to continue to provide safe, high-quality and effective nutraceutical raw materials for at least another 20 years.”

For more information, please contact Gilbert Gluck at (949) 622-9030.

*REGENASURE™ shellfish-free glucosamine is a trademark of Cargill, Inc.

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