Cyvex Nutrition Develops Reference Guide for Its Flavovital™ Flavonoids Line

Cyvex Nutrition has developed a comprehensive quick-reference guide for its FlavoVital™ Flavonoids line, which includes information on the source of each of the company's flavonoid offerings, recommended dosage, proven health benefits and applications.

"This reference guide provides our customers with a quick and easy way to assess our flavonoid offerings and determine if any deliver the health benefit appropriate for the product being formulated," stated Matt Phillips, President, Cyvex Nutrition. "Cyvex has always been an innovator in the antioxidant ingredient market, and our FlavoVital™ line is no exception. These high-quality flavonoids can be used in dietary supplements, and in a wide-variety of food and beverage applications."

Flavonoids are among the most diverse group of phytochemicals – biologically active, plant-derived compounds that are responsible for many of the positive health benefits associated with consuming fruits, vegetables, teas, wines, grains and other natural products.

Flavonoids are known for their powerful antioxidant activity and ability to help neutralize free radicals that can attack the body's cells. Cyvex offers several flavonoids obtained from a range of foods and natural sources including apples, artichokes, dark purple berries, broccoli, celery, chamomile, citrus fruits, fennel leaves, onions, passion flower, peppers, green leafy spices, tea and woody trees.

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