Cyvex Nutrition Launches BioVin(R) Line Extension: BioVin(R) 20 Kosher Certified and Higher Polyphenol Content

Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., has announced the launch of BioVin® 20 grape skin extract, an addition to its highly successful BioVin® and BioVin® Advanced product line.

BioVin® 20 Grape Skin Extract is distinguished with a content of not less than 20 percent polyphenols. In addition, BioVin® 20 is high-ORAC (more than 2,500 mcmoleTE/g) and contains no less than 35% oligomeric proanthocyanidins. This product is also Kosher certified and GRAS.

According to researcher Augustin Scalbert, in his published study in the peer-reviewed publication, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2005; Vol. 81, No. 1, 215S – 217S), “The antioxidant properties of polyphenols have been widely studied, but it has become clear that the mechanisms of action of polyphenols go beyond the modulation of oxidative stress...The current evidence for protective effects of polyphenols against diseases has generated new expectations for improvements in health, with great interest from the food and nutritional supplement industry regarding promotion and development of polyphenol-rich products.”

“BioVin® 20 is a much-anticipated addition to our BioVin® portfolio, and contains the same superior quality customers have come to expect from our BioVin line of grape extracts,” says Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition. “We have been fielding a growing number of requests for BioVin® with a higher content of polyphenols and we were successful in developing a product to meet these requests.”

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