Cyvex Nutrition Receives GMP Certification

IRVINE, CA – Charlene Lee, executive vice president and general manager of Cyvex Nutrition, has announced the company received its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from the Natural Products Association.

“In this day and age, where many educated consumers are skeptical about product quality, Cyvex Nutrition is well positioned to supply our manufacturer partners with the confidence of superior quality, reliable and effective raw materials for their products,” Lee states. “Our GMP certification is now proof that substantiates our new slogan, ‘Where innovation and quality are our first ingredients.’”

Lee explains that the road to certification was a long one, but very inspiring. First, the staff needed to learn all about GMPs and how to conduct an internal assessment of its compliance to the NPA’s GMP standards. Based on the assessment, the company registered for the certification program. The results of the internal assessment were used to conduct a gap analysis to identify areas of non-compliance and developed corrective action/preventative action plans to address audit findings. The company worked with an independent third-party auditor to verify compliance.

“We worked closely with our auditor, and learned many important details about being a GMP-compliant supplier,” says Lee. “Overall, this was a terrific and invaluable experience as Cyvex Nutrition continues to set its sight on leading the industry into a healthy and prosperous future. We commend the NPA and all associated with the creation and implementation of GMPs for the dietary supplement industry,” she adds.

About Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.
Entering its 23rd year, Cyvex Nutrition, Inc., has become a leader in the supply of superior quality, innovative, proprietary antioxidants and other influential nutraceuticals for the dietary supplement and functional foods industry. Cyvex has firmly established itself as a resourceful supply-chain partner that provides ancillary services such as NutriPrint™ quality assurance testing, marketing and formulation assistance.

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