Cyvex Stands by PomActiv(TM); Responds to Allegations

IRVINE, CA – In response to a press release issued by Geni Herbs, Charlene Lee, MBA, director of sales and marketing of Cyvex Nutrition, announced that the trade dress and mark of its distinctive pomegranate compound, PomActiv™, has not been in any way an infringement against Geni Herbs’ own pomegranate material known as PomElla.

“For more than 21 years, Cyvex Nutrition has always been at the forefront of introducing effective and innovative nutraceutical compounds, and our strategy, which has been incredibly successful, is to combine a soft launch and test market before the official launch,” Lee states. “Our pomegranate compound was officially introduced as PomActiv™ in 2004. It has been selling steadily and gaining satisfactory market share now for approximately seven months.”

In addition, Lee points out, Cyvex Nutrition’s soft launch in 2004 was temporarily known as PomEllagic, and the decision to change its trade dress was made wholly and independently by Cyvex’ executive team – prior to any contact with Geni Herbs. “When we changed the name of our product, this decision was in no way the result of any ‘cease and desist’ demand emanating from Geni Herbs,” she says. “We wanted to go forward with a name that conveyed a more positive and easily understood approach, rather than simply combining the name of the fruit and its major constituent.”

About Cyvex Nutrition
Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. has been actively engaged in the research, development and marketing of natural compounds for 21 years and has earned an impeccable reputation as a leader in supplying scientifically sound, innovative ingredients for dietary supplements. Its portfolio of branded, trademarked ingredients includes ArthroColl® chicken collagen type II, BioCosanol™ sugar policosanol, BioVinca® vinpocetine, BerryVin™ high-ORAC berry compound and LactoCalcium™ milk minerals, and Broccophane™ and BroccoSinolate™ broccoli sprout ingredients, with several more to be launched throughout 2005. Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. also developed the NutriPrint™ system, a stringent quality program applied to all its products.

Charlene Lee
(949) 622-9030

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