Cyvex's Popular Broccoli Sprouts Extract Has the Broccoli Opposition Eating It Up

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- We now know that mom was right all along, vegetables are really good for you. In fact, the current Recommended Dietary Allowance is that we incorporate five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. And, most health and nutrition experts tell us that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli because of its cancer protection qualities, can help us maintain good health and reduce our risk of getting cancer. But what do you do if, like past President George Bush, you just don't like eating broccoli?

The good news is that Cyvex Nutrition, a leading supplier of high quality, specialty nutritional ingredients, recently developed Broccoli Sprouts Extract. Broccoli Sprouts Extract, available in bulk, is made from whole, freshly germinated (three-day old) broccoli sprouts and has Sulforaphane as its active ingredient. Sulforaphane is identified as helping to mobilize the body's natural cancer fighting resources and reduce the risk of getting cancer. The real art to preserving Sulforaphane is in the growing, harvesting and extraction of broccoli sprouts -- an art that has been mastered by Cyvex Nutrition's staff of food scientists.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that broccoli contains the compound Sulforaphane which mobilizes Phase 2 detoxification enzymes that neutralize highly reactive, dangerous forms of cancer-causing chemicals before they can damage DNA and promote cancer. According to the researchers at Johns Hopkins University, taking a few tablespoons of broccoli

sprouts every day may be as beneficial as eating one to two pounds of broccoli weekly.
Paul Talalay, M.D., J. J. Abel Distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University says that, "Three-day old broccoli sprouts consistently contain twenty to fifty times the amount of chemoprotective compounds found in mature broccoli heads, and they offer a simple dietary means of chemically reducing cancer risks."

According to Gilbert Gluck, president of Cyvex Nutrition, "The introduction of Broccoli Sprouts Extract is a continuation of our thirteen year commitment to leverage our technical and scientific expertise to develop new, high quality products that will continue to fuel the growth of our industry." From its corporate offices and laboratory headquartered in Irvine, California, Cyvex Nutrition offers a full line of high quality, specialty nutritional ingredients, which are processed or sourced worldwide. As a trusted supplier in the natural products industry, Cyvex Nutrition's line of nutraceutical ingredients also include: BioVin™ Full Grape Extract, Green Tea Extract 90%, Shark Cartilage, Bio-Pine™ Pine Bark Extract and many others. Cyvex Nutrition also provides its customers with a wide range of support including expertise from on-staff food scientists and contract manufacturing services.

To request additional information on Broccoli Sprouts Extract or information on other high quality, innovative Cyvex Nutrition products, call Cyvex direct at 888-99CYVEX, or visit booth #2941 at the Natural Products Expo - East Show, or their web site at
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