Danisco and Direvo Sign Enzyme Development Collaboration

COLOGNE, Germany, and COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Direvo Biotech AG and Danisco A/S today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement under which both parties will develop an industrial enzyme.

Under the terms of the agreement, Danisco will obtain worldwide exclusive rights to commercialize the products developed under this collaboration. In return, Direvo will receive research and development funding, milestone payments and royalties on future product sales.

"Direvo is very delighted by this promising relationship with Danisco, one of the world's largest producers of food and feed ingredients," commented Dr. Andre Koltermann, President and Chief Executive Officer of Direvo. "This agreement represents our second collaboration with a strong partner and strongly validates our business concept of creating high value with leading companies."

"We are impressed with Direvo and we are excited to see how the technology can help our ingredient development efforts," says Dr. Leif Kjaergaard, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation and Business Development, Danisco A/S.

About Direvo

Direvo Biotech AG based in Cologne, Germany, is a leading company in screening-based directed evolution and applies its integrated proprietary technologies to the development of better biopharmaceuticals and improved industrial enzymes. With its rapid and highly flexible screening-based directed evolution process, Direvo is focused on several multi-billion dollar markets. The company has collaborations with Danisco, Novozymes and Evotec OAI and a pipeline of numerous potential products including protein pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes, chemical biocatalysts and enzymes for food and feed. For further company information, log onto Direvo's Web site on the Internet at www.direvo.com.

About Danisco

Danisco develops and produces functional ingredients, sweeteners and sugar. The group employs 8,000 people in 38 countries and reported net sales of DKK 17.7 billion in 2001/02. Danisco's broad product portfolio includes emulsifiers, enzymes, starter cultures, stabilizers, flavors and sweeteners such as xylitol and fructose. A large part of the ingredients are produced from natural raw materials and contributes, for instance, to improving the texture of products such as bread, ice cream, yogurt and other products. Danisco is also one of the largest and most efficient sugar producers in Europe. For further company information, log onto Danisco's Web site on the Internet at www.danisco.com.


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