The Danisco Award 2008 Goes to Barbara Ann Halkier

The Danisco Award 2008 goes to Associate Professor, DSc Barbara Ann Halkier from the Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Copenhagen.

She receives the Award and DKK 250,000 for her research into secondary metabolites, which are biologically active substances in, for instance, plants. Her research has been focused on metabolites in rape and cabbage, which are known for their cancer-preventive properties.

Barbara Ann Halkier is the hallmark of solid, high-quality basic research for which she has won international acclaim; she also has a keen eye for the practical application of her research, reflected in 11 patent applications within the production of bioactive natural substances. This part of her research aims at using biotechnology for the development of functional foods fortified with cancer-preventive substances and for the production of crops with improved resistance to diseases and, hence, a reduced use of pesticides.

Danisco’s Health & Nutrition area is strongly focused on the development of foods with health benefits. We grant this year's Danisco Award to Barbara Ann Halkier to support and encourage additional focus on this research area.

The Award, which is mainly granted to young, promising scientists with a view to strengthening their career opportunities, was presented on 13 November at 2 pm at the Technical University of Denmark’s Symposium for Biotech Research 2008.

For further information, please contact:
Tom Knutzen, CEO, Danisco A/S, tel.: +45 32 66 20 00
Carl Johan Corneliussen, Media Relations Manager, Danisco A/S,
tel.: +45 32 66 29 26, mobile +45 26 15 21 27

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