Danisco Expands Production of Cellulose Gum

This month Danisco completes a 1,500 tonnes expansion of its cellulose gum production (highly purified CMC) and will introduce a full range of GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum for the food, oral care and pharmaceutical industries targeting a market of more than USD 300 million. GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum has been specifically developed and is quality tested according to the functionality by application.

’With the GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum range, manufacturers are being offered a competitive alternative specifically developed to suit the functional properties required in the various applications and to ensure a cost optimised consistent performance,’ says Global Business Manager Jean Baptiste Dufeu from Danisco’s Gums & Systems Division. ‘Specific application testing is typically part of the product specifications and quality control of each of the GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum production batches,’ he continues.

Danisco’s GRINDSTED® Cellulose gums are divided into three different categories by end usage:

Food applications: GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum: a full range of products for acidified milk drinks (AMD range), bakery (BAK range), beverages (BEV range) and meat and savoury (MAS range) – all designed by final application.
Oral care applications: GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum TOC range. A perfect complementary range for various types of toothpaste and denture adhesive applications.
Pharmaceutical applications: GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum MED range benefits from Danisco’s long pharmaceutical experience.
The range fulfils the international food and pharmaceutical specifications as laid down by WHO/FAO, FCC, USP/NF and the EU. The production takes place at a Danisco-owned, dedicated and fully automated production facility. The production follows GMP and HACCP rules and is ISO certified.

Danisco already offers the industry’s widest range of hydrocolloids including pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, alginate, cellulose gum, microcrystalline cellulose, locust bean and guar gum as well as customised solutions/blends of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, enzymes etc.

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