Danisco Receives Food Ingredient Award

(11/20/2003) At the Food Ingredients Europe Exhibition in Frankfurt, Danisco received one of three ingredient awards for its revolutionising Grindsted® Barrier System - a water barrier that makes it possible to control moisture migration in snack fillings.

The barrier system ingredient blend is the answer to a shared problem in the food industry, delaying moisture migration from, for example, the filling of a cake or biscuit and keeps the crispy part of the product crisp, prolonging its shelf-life. In addition, the barrier system enables the use of water fillings as an alternative to fat-based fillings.

"We´re pleased with the award because it´s yet another acknowledgement of the fact that we´re a leading provider of knowledge-based ingredients for our customers. We´re extremely focused on the challenges that our customers face, and our research and development efforts aim to meet them. We consider an acknowledgement from the largest European food ingredient exhibition - with more than thousand exhibitors - a great encouragement in our development work," says Torben Svejgard, President, Danisco Emulsifiers.

Grindsted® Barrier System was introduced at the Food Ingredients Europe Exhibition in Frankfurt. Its main applications are: savoury snacks, confectionery bars and fine bakery snacks.

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