Danone-Strauss Launches Yogurt Drink with Biodar's Technology Backup

Danone-Strauss has launched a new dairy-based meal replacement for breakfast in Israel supported by Biodar's proprietary technology for fortification solutions. Biodar developed a custom-made vitamin and mineral premix, including novel mineral formulations for fortification of fluid-milk and drinkable yogurt.

Danone-Strauss’ new fruit yogurt drink, “Mashke Boker”, is designed to provide the nutrition of breakfast in a small and tasty package for people “on-the-go” who don’t have time for breakfast at home. The drink is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers to provide balanced nutrition. Biodar solved the issues of taste and ingredient cross-interactions by using sophisticated microencapsulated solutions of vitamins and minerals.

“The ”Mashke Boker” product is a wonderful example of implementation of Biodar’s patented technology in the fast-growing smoothie market. The meal-replacement market in general, and the smoothie market in particular, are strategic markets where Biodar can offer smart nutrition solutions,” says Mr. Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at Biodar. “We have developed minerals, especially iron, that can be used to fortify drinkable yogurt products without affecting the taste, texture or shelf-life of the final product.”

Market research conducted by the Shiluv Institute indicates that 60% of the Israeli population doesn’t have time for breakfast at home. “”Mashke Boker” answers a growing need for a breakfast meal replacement, providing 20-50% of the daily intake of vitamins and minerals" explains Mr. Alroy. The yogurt drink is packed in a personal package of 250ml in a variety of exotic fruit flavors, designed to appeal to fit and health-conscious young adults.

Biodar, a member of the LycoRed Group, specializes in providing innovative microencapsulation solutions for vitamins and minerals, as well as vegetarian carotenoid beadlets for the nutritional supplement, functional food and pharmaceutical industries.

Biodar’s unique dairy fortification solutions are available in the U.S. through P.L. Thomas and in Europe through Nutriblend.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Udi Alroy
Marketing Director
Phone: +972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928
Email: [email protected]

For the USA:
Ms. Paula Nurnburger
Marketing Manager
P.L. Thomas
Phone: +1-973-984-0900
Fax: +1-973-984-0008
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.plthomas.com

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