D.D. Williamson Increases Color Solutions

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, USA (July 18, 2005) In a move toward expanding its color solutions, D.D. Williamson has acquired the natural colors business from Artemis International, Inc. The acquisition of this leading natural color product line will broaden the range of food and beverage color products available from D.D. Williamson, already the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of caramel color.

The acquisition complements D.D. Williamson’s existing colorMaker™ natural color line, which specializes in natural color blends that provide customers with tailored solutions. D.D. Williamson will retain Jan Mills as Vice President, Natural Colors, for technical support and a smooth transition for customers. Jan Mills will remain President and Owner of Artemis International, Inc., a supplier of nutraceutical ingredients.

“Our customers have been interested for some time in having us expand our natural color offerings and expertise,” said Edie Nixon, President of D.D. Williamson Colors LLC. “What they tell us they want in natural colors, and what we plan to deliver, is the same focus on product quality, customer service and technical expertise that our customers have grown to expect.”

“The addition of Jan Mills to our team improves our solution capability and creates great value for our customers,” said Ms. Nixon. “Artemis International shares our passion for quality and service. All of our research and development efforts target ingredients that provide color solutions for food and beverage processors.”

D.D. Williamson is the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of caramel color. It produces caramel color for leading global companies in beverages, flavors, sauces, gravies, soups, baked goods, dry mixes, pet foods and pharmaceuticals. The company operates seven manufacturing sites in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Swaziland and Brazil. Visit www.caramel.com or www.naturalcolors.com for more information.

Artemis International, Inc. provides nutraceutical ingredients and develops proprietary formulas to meet targeted healthcare needs. The company is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Visit www.artemis-international.com for more information.

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