DE-REX – For Hangovers

In the United States alone, 20 million people suffer from a hangover every month and hangovers result in 148 billion dollars in lost work every year. DE-REX, a new natural health product, addresses this long overlooked issue of hangovers being a primary reason for loss in human productivity. Formulated by naturopathic and medical doctors, it brings forth four properties for the light to heavy drinker: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, replenishing and protective power to help make sure that a fun time tonight will not result in a poor time tomorrow.

Based on a philosophy of bringing a mix of science and nature with a splash of fun to the Natural Health Products industry, it is the first product released by the Canadian-based company Effectlive Inc. All ingredients are thoroughly researched, are of the highest quality, and are contained in orange and spearmint flavored capsules.

Go out, have fun, and strengthen your body in two easy steps: one capsule before any alcohol consumption, and one capsule after. The product is NPN pending, has been thoroughly reviewed by the scientific advisory firm Dicentra Inc., and clinical evaluation is in process. Contact 1-877-DEREX-ME or visit for more information.

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