Debra Short Announces Candidacy for President of National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA)

Debra Short, of the House of Health in Shawnee, Oklahoma, has announced her candidacy to run for president of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

SHORT has an impressive history including serving as President of NNFA Southwest, sitting as Chair and Co-chair for numerous committees including Legislation, Education, Convention, serving as Retail Council Chair, and being re-elected to positions such as Retail at Large for NNFA National. Debra currently serves the NNFA as a member of the Long Term Planning Task Force. She expresses her belief that by better understanding critical industry issues and networking with each other, a strong national base can be developed that will sustain the natural foods industry as a viable business far into the future.

Raised in a family who built their life in the natural foods industry, SHORT brought a life- time of knowledge to the 10 years of relentless service and support she has given to the NNFA. Thirty-one years of daily knowledge in the industry was a solid foundation that not only allowed Short to develop a devout commitment to the industry but also provided her with an in-depth understanding of the benefits and needs of this crucial “health” industry. “Being a veteran from this industry, I believe in the independent retailer and understand the challenges that face us as an industry today. We have worked hard to insure our integrity as an Association to Congress. I want to continue that strength for our future.”

In addition to being involved in providing direction leading to the current financial stability of the NNFA over the past five years, Debra has spent 8 years attending Natural Foods Day (Lobby Days) in Washington using that opportunity to share the industry's views and issues on behalf of retailers and constituents.

With her decades of experience that ranges from grass roots through to national levels, Short is excited to share her qualifications and dedication by representing the industry as NNFA National President-Elect. Short looks forward to leading NNFA National into a strong and increasingly successful future.

For more information about Debra Short Contact:
Carrol Wells
NNFA Southwest

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