Decas sees wind power in its future

Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.Cranberry-ingredients supplier Decas Cranberry Products has revealed plans to generate more than half its energy consumption from wind in a bid to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions.

The company, based in Carver, Massachusetts, is embarking on a one-year feasibility study to determine whether a 1.65-megawatt wind turbine is a sustainable source of power. The project is being funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. Decas' current energy usage is roughly 6,000,000kWh per year. The wind turbine is expected to produce 3,279,000kWh. The company estimates the project-payback time frame to be five to seven years.

"Our wind-power initiative is a natural next step in support of our company's commitment to environmental stewardship," said Jeff Carlson, Decas Cranberry Products' president. "We recognise the relationship between a healthy, productive environment and a healthy, productive company. Protection of our natural resources is fundamental to agriculture. Cranberries thrive in a healthy environment, and we want to do all that we can to protect our unique and scenic cranberry lands for future generations."

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