Degussa BioActives Introduces New Cholestatin and Arthred Logos

Degussa BioAcitves has launched new logos for its successful supplements Cholestatin and Arthred. The new logos are the latest addition to Degussa's recent product-specific ad campaign, which will run in both business-to-business and retailer magazines.

"The new logos are part of our ongoing campaign to strengthen brand recognition," Wolfgang Schuett, VP Marketing & Sales, said. "We are committed to differentiating ourselves in the market and to using ad materials to portray exactly what our ingredients can do for health."

The new Cholestatin logo portrays two green, splaying leaves, representing the natural color of the soy plant--the source of the active ingredients, plant sterols. Cradled between the leaves is a red heart as a symbol of health. Plant sterols are natural, scientifically proven cholesterol-fighting ingredients.

The new Arthred logo features a black triangle with a red ball moving toward its center, symbolizing the joints. Blue lines trailing from the red ball indicate movement. Arthred's main ingredient, hydrolyzed collagen, is an amino acid-based, stomach-friendly, natural cartilage support that has been used sucessfully since the 1920’s to treat joint pain.

Degussa BioActives specializes in a wide range of health-promoting ingredients for the food and dietary supplement industry. Technical information on Degussa BioActives' full line of ingredients can be found on the web site at

This press release mentions filed and/or registered trademarks of Degussa BioActives. However, the absence of an according designation by ® or ™ should not be regarded as affecting the legal status of any of those trademarks and can not be interpreted as non-existing trademark rights.

Degussa is an entirely newly-formed, multinational corporation with sales of EUR12.9 billion and a workforce of some 53,400. In fiscal 2001, the corporation generated operating profits (EBITA) of more than EUR1 billion. Degussa's core strength lies in highly effective system solutions tailored to the requirements of its customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. Its activities are led by the vision "Everybody benefits from a Degussa product – every day and everywhere".

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