Denomega launches new encapsulation grade cod liver oil

Denomega launches new encapsulation grade cod liver oil

Denomega Nutritional Oils, a leading pioneer of taste-and-odor-free Omega-3 solutions for the functional food and beverage market, is pleased to announce our newest brand, Omega-360™.

Omega-360™ is the complete Omega-3 product that provides all the health benefits associated with Omega-3. “Our consumer surveys indicate that consumers really want to take the guesswork out of their Omega-3 choices and seek complete solutions. Omega-360™ is our response to this market need offering the full range of health benefits associated with this nutrient”, says Thomas Grys, Managing Director of Denomega.

The last two years the sales of Omega-3 enriched foods has increased by 200% and major experts expect a strong sales growth in the years to come. Omega-360™ can help food and beverage manufacturers capitalize on this potential and can strengthen their competitive position in the functional food market arena.

Jan Haakonsen, VP Sales and Marketing, continues, “The use of the co-brand Omega-360™ on consumer packaging signals assurance from the food company to consumers that they are using the fresh and naturally complete Omega-3 choice to maximize health benefits without impacting the great taste and aroma of their favorite products”.

Omega-360™ can open new doors to unexplored markets for the food and beverage industry. Denomega is excited to partner with food and beverage manufacturers in contributing to the complete health and well being of consumers. Try the Omega-360™ effect.

About Denomega Nutritional Oils
Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading player in Omega-3 products and has several production facilities in Norway. The company is part of Borregaard Ingredients, which has global niche positions in vanillin products, yeast and yeast extracts, and Omega-3 products. Borregaard is an international company with strong positions in specialty products based on natural raw materials, as well as niches within fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Borregaard anticipates revenues in 2008 of approximately USD 900 million. Visit us at for more information.

For more information contact:
Jan Haakon Haakonsen, VP Sales & Marketing
Phone: +47 69 39 51 42/+47 48 30 66 67

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