Denomega Nutritional Oils and GAT Food Essentials Announce Exclusive OMEGA-3 Co-branding Agreement

Denomega Nutritional Oils (Denomega) and GAT Food Essentials (GAT) announced today agreements committing the parties to work closely together in the Omega-3 functional food and beverage markets. The agreements are effective March 23, 2006.

As a result of the agreements, Denomega will be the exclusive supplier of EPA and DHA Omega-3 oils to GAT’s expanding functional food ingredients business based on its patented micro-encapsulation technology for stabilization and protection of sensitive active ingredients. Denomega and GAT have a strong position in the Omega-3 market in Europe with sales to multi-national companies and other industry leaders fortifying juices, dairy products, and bakery applications such as cereal bars with micro-encapsulated fish oil. Denomega is a world leader of natural Omega-3 oils and focuses on taste and odor free EPA and DHA oils with food and supplement customers world wide.

Denomega will also add GAT’s micro-encapsulated Omega-3 products to its own product portfolio and market it through its world wide sales and distribution network. Distribution overlaps in existing markets have been worked out with the involved parties. For some territories such as the Unites States of America, Denomega will be the exclusive distributor of GAT’s Omega-3 line up.

“The parties have already worked together since 2004 and know each other well”, says Jan Haakonsen, VP Sales and Marketing at Denomega and continues: “To expand the application range for our market leading taste and odor free Omega-3 oils it was natural for us to look for the best micro-encapsulation technology available and we found it at GAT. Their technology is a perfect match to our exceptional oils. Together it represents the solution to what our most challenging food and beverage customers need.”

Stefan Thueringer, Marketing and Product Manager at GAT adds: “Denomega’s reputation for natural, high quality Omega-3 oils is a great asset to our company. A modern technology solution can be even better utilized to its fullest potential if the raw material meets perfect quality standards. In Denomega we have found a partner that not only can provide the best Omega-3 oils for our technology but also a partner that enables us to offer an exceptional Omega-3 ingredients solution for the functional food industry.”

About Denomega Nutritional Oils (previously Denofa Specialty Oils):

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a world leader of high quality omega-3 oils, having focused on refining and sales of marine based oils since 1912. Owned by Orkla ASA, one of Norway’s largest public company with revenues exceeding $8 bio. Operating as part of Borregaard Ingredients, Denomega combines a long tradition in dealing with natural specialty compounds and an uncompromised commitment to quality.

GAT Food Essentials:

GAT Food Essentials is an innovative, fast growing technology company and considered one of Europe’s leading micro-encapsulation specialists. GAT’s proprietary and world wide patented technology for functional food ingredients enables food companies to incorporate sensitive active ingredients such as omega-3 in almost any food application ensuring perfect stability during modern production processes and long-term shelf lives.

Contact Information:

Jan Haakonsen

VP Sales & Marketing

Denomega Nutritional Oils

+1 719 201 4641

[email protected]

Stefan Thueringer

Marketing & Product Manager

GAT Food Essentials

+43 2624 53922

[email protected]

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