Denomega Nutritional Oils and Tempo Canada Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

Denomega Nutritional Oils, the leading provider of taste-and-odor-free omega-3 solutions and Tempo Canada Inc. announced today their strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by better serving the bakery, spreads, and nutritional/dietary supplement sectors in the Canadian market.

“Our strategic alliance in Canada will allow customers to have local service from a long standing Canadian distributor, with expertise in government legislation pertaining to novel foods and natural health products. The combination of Denomega’s leading technology and Tempo Canada’s customer service and attention to regulations, will benefit the Canadian customer," says Jan Haakonsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Denomega.

“Denomega expended a great effort to find the right distributor for our products,” added Ron Wheelwright, Senior Account Manager for North and South America with Denomega. “We looked for a unique combination of technical competence and sales ability. After our first meeting with Tempo, we were convinced that we had found the right distributor to promote our unique superior quality omega-3 products.”

"We are very excited to have formed this partnership with Denomega”, said Eno Agro, President of Tempo Canada, a well established distributor of ingredients and nutraceuticals. “When we crossed paths with Denomega, we were amazed that their oil had no taste or smell at all. We are pleased that our customers will be able to get the health benefits of omega-3 without impacting the taste or aroma of their products. Denomega’s continued commitment to innovative products within the omega-3 ingredient category will further enhance our portfolio of quality ingredient offerings to customers in Canada. We have been in business nearly 25 years and customers continue to rely on our excellence in customer service and compliance. This has become the backbone of our success, as recognized by Denomega".

About Denomega Nutrional Oils

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading producer of omega-3 products and has several production facilities in Norway. The company is part of Borregaard Ingredients, an international company with strong positions in specialty products based on natural raw materials, as well as niches in fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Borregaard anticipates revenues in 2008 of approximately USD 750 million. Visit us at for more information.

About Tempo Canada

Tempo Canada was established in 1985 with the objective to provide quality raw materials and unparalleled service and support to its customers within the natural health, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial markets throughout Canada. Tempo is 100% Canadian owned and operated, representing various suppliers offering speciality products from unique technologies with ’real’ science. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Tempo also operates offices in Montreal and Western Canada as well as a US location in Florida. Visit us at for more information.

Contact persons:
Jan Haakonsen, (719) 201-4641, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Denomega Nutrional Oils
Ron Wheelwright,(303) 581-9004, Senior Account Manager, North & South America, Denomega Nutritional Oils
Eno Agro (905) 339-3309, President, Tempo Canada Inc.
Glen Hildebrand,(905) 339-3309, Vice President, Tempo Canada Inc.

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