DENOMEGA NUTRITIONAL OILS; New name for Denofa Nutritional Oils

(10.05.2005) Denofa Nutritional Oils, a former division of Denofa, is changing its name to Denomega Nutritional Oils.

The name change is a result of a divestment of the vegetable oil division which under new ownership will continue to use the name Denofa. Denomega Nutritional Oils will continue operation under current ownership (Borregaard), the same people, at the same production locations and with the same assets.

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a world wide supplier of Omega-3 ingredients to the food and supplement industries. Our taste and odour free oils, sold under the umbrella brand DenomegaTM, are recognized as the world’s best Omega-3 food and beverage ingredient.

DenomegaTM food ingredients are products rich in long chain Omega-3 known to have significant health benefits (EPA/DHA). The ingredients can be added to or replace fat in most food and beverage applications. Current customers are also
successfully adding these DenomegaTM ingredients to non-fat fruit and beverage applications. DenomegaTM is sold to established food customers on four continents.

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a part of the Borregaard Group, owned by Orkla. Borregaard is an international company within Specialty Chemicals, Fine Chemicals and Ingredients. Included in the product portfolio are flavour and fragrance products, nutritional products and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

Orkla has 35,000 employees within Branded Consumer Goods (particularly food and food ingredients), Specialty Materials and Financial investments.

Contact person:
Leif Riege (Director, Denofa Nutritional Oils)
tel +47 69 39 51 75 / mobile + 47 95 11 37 22 / [email protected]

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