derma e, Dr. Oz highlight Argireline for crow's feet treatment

derma e® combines powerful peptides Argireline® and Matrixyl™ to create doubly effective products for skin. Dr. Oz has also recognized Argireline® as a powerful peptide for relaxing facial muscles.

On Monday, December 6, 2010, The Dr. Oz Show aired a segment called “3 Items to Look Younger,” where Dr. Oz highlighted the powerful peptide Argireline to help minimize crow’s feet.  derma e® Natural Bodycare, a pioneer in formulating cutting-edge effective natural skincare, has also been using this powerful peptide to help fight deep lines and wrinkles in their advanced Peptides Plus® formulas.

Based on the skincare complaints Dr. Oz receives, crow’s feet were considered one of the main issues women over the age of 50 are concerned about.  As Dr. Oz explains, the muscles around the eyes behind the skin continuously bend and unbend.  Over time, this creates deep lines or wrinkles that become etched into the skin.  Dr. Oz highlighted the peptide Argireline because it helps relax facial muscles so they don’t move as much, creating an effect similar to that of Botox®.

Inspired by the anti-aging effects of peptides, only derma e® combines this powerful peptide Argireline® with powerful peptide Matrixyl™ to create doubly effective products; Peptides Plus® Wrinkle Reverse Crème, Peptides Plus® Wrinkle Reverse Serum and Peptides Plus® Wrinkle Reverse Eye Crème.  As Dr. Oz suggested, Argireline® helps relax facial muscles.  Another important peptide, Matrixyl™, helps support collagen and elastin health for better tone and texture.  Not only that, but derma e® has also gone one step further by adding beneficial antioxidants like Pycnogenol®, Vitamin C, and Green Tea Extract to create significantly advanced anti-aging formulas.

“We are extremely pleased that Dr. Oz has recognized this powerful peptide known for relaxing facial muscles to help fight deep lines and wrinkles.  derma e® will continue to stay ahead of ingredient trends and develop quality, innovative products that contain powerful actives such as this,” says Dr. Linda Miles L. Ac., D.O.M. Vice President of Natural Bodycare.

For over 25 years, derma e® Natural Bodycare has pioneered the development of high-performance antioxidant skincare solutions. This award-winning, comprehensive line offers over 90 SKUs that are free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oil and lanolin, and are cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian and manufactured with wind energy.  derma e® can be found in 5000+ retail outlets across the U.S., with additional distribution internationally and on derma e® is family owned and operated and dedicated to serving the natural products retailer.

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