Diabetes Trial Measures Efficacy of Neuragen®

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada (January 18, 2005) – Origin BioMedicinals Inc. announced today the results of a clinical trial using Neuragen® for relief of pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Of the 29 patients completing the feedback survey, at least 20 patients (69%) noted improvement in pain, after applying Neuragen® topically. Of these, 17 patients (59%) noted a 50-100% improvement in pain. Efficacy was measured by reduction in pain intensity over the first six hours. Reported quality of life benefits during the study also included improved joint flexibility, decreased cramping and improved balance, as well as improvement in sleep, work ability, social life, energy and less depression. DPN is characterized by numbness, tingling or burning pain in the feet and hands, and can affect 40% of diabetics.

Neuragen® consists of a proprietary blend of botanical essential oil compounds, which was developed by two large US chronic pain centers in the early 1990’s.

The trial was conducted by health practitioners in Sacramento, California between May-Sep 2004 in collaboration with DiabetesinControl.com and the Yolo County Peripheral Neuropathy Support Groups. Origin BioMedicinals Inc. is a biotechnology company with a full line of botanical based health products for treating various conditions.

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