Dicentra Appoints two doctors to join its Medical Advisory Board

Dicentra is genuinely enthusiastic to announce the arrival of Dr. Karol John Wojewnik, MD, and neurologist Dr. Maria Melanson, MD. Both come with extensive experience in the medical field to join Dicentra’s newly developed Medical Advisory Board. The board will be responsible for all aspects pertaining to product registrations, science-based formulations, patent application initiations and clinical study protocol designs and coordination.

Dr. Melanson is a neurologist at the Health Science Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is nationally renowned as an expert in Multiple Sclerosis. Her broad knowledge in pain and fatigue management will provide Dicentra with a unique perspective for new product formulations.

Dr. Wojewnik recently graduated from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Europe. He plans to help Dicentra in producing the best product submissions to the NHPD and formulating some of the most effective NHPs on the market.

Both join Dr. Lee Know, who has also recently joined the Dicentra Medical Advisory Board.

We welcome both to the industry and look forward to their input.

About Dicentra:

Dicentra Inc. is Canada's leading consulting company whose prime directive is to develop the most impact and effective Natural Health Products solutions available today. Dicentra is an organization that designs and evaluates advanced natural health supplements for many of today's top brands. Their product licensing applications to the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada are consistently successful in obtaining the most demanding health claims. By attracting top level consultants, Dicentra has defined itself as a leader in the Natural Health Products industry.

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