Dietary Supplement Education Alliance to Enlist Supplements Industry's Help With Post-War Relief Efforts

Vitamin Angel Alliance President Howard Schiffer to be Featured Speaker
May 7th at DSEA Breakfast Reception during SupplySide East

With half the population of Iraq under age 15, post-war relief efforts must address the nutritional needs of Iraq’s children. And once again the nutritional supplements industry is responding to a call for donated vitamins in this time of crisis.

Last year, the industry provided care to people in 40 countries around the world with donations of more than 12.6 million vitamin supplements distributed by Vitamin Angel Alliance. One of those countries was Iraq, where Mother Teresa Orphanage and St. Raphael Hospital in Baghdad last received a hand-delivery of basic vitamins in early December 2002.

According to Vitamin Angel Alliance president Howard B. Schiffer, deliveries will resume immediately after the war. Once again, he has put out the call for industry support to provide additional nutritional supplements for post-war relief efforts.

Mr. Schiffer will be the featured speaker at a May 7th breakfast reception in Secaucus, N.J. sponsored by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance during SupplySide East. The event will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. at The Embassy Suites (Meadowlands Rooms I and II). Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

“Iraq is facing a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions,” said Mr. Schiffer. “Our mission as an organization is to provide basic nutrients to people in need, and nowhere is the need greater than it is right now in Iraq.”

““In Iraq, where half the population is under the age of 15, the importance of nutritional supplements at this time can’t be overstated,” said Elliott Balbert, president, Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA), which has consistently supported this vital industry effort. “Multi-vitamins, children’s chewables, pre-natal vitamins, Vitamin C to prevent scurvy---we’re asking the supplements industry to step up to the plate once again to provide the support needed in this international crisis.”

In addition to Mr. Schiffer’s presentation, the program will include an update from DSEA board members on the organization’s public education campaign which reached more than 75 million Americans in 2002 with positive coverage of supplements in print and broadcast media.

“We’ve raised over $1 million in industry donations over the past two years to fund an increasingly successful national publicity effort,” said Elliott Balbert, DSEA board chairman. “We are happy to report that membership continues to grow with donors who see the DSEA’s consumer education efforts as vital to the the future of our industry.”

The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) is a non-profit industry coalition formed to provide consumers, health professionals and policymakers with the latest science-based information on the benefits of dietary supplements.

The DSEA launched the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau (DSIB), the first national information resource that sells no product but simply provides the most accurate and up-to-date information about vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements through its public education effort, including an easy-to-navigate Web site,

The Vitamin Angel Alliance ( provides nutritional supplements and health information to individuals, families and communities that are medically underserved or at risk of a specific condition or illness all over the world.

Anyone interested in knowing more about Vitamin Angel Alliance or how to participate in the post-war relief effort should contact Howard Schiffer at (805)565-9919 or e-mail [email protected].

For further information about the DSEA, contact Deb Knowles at (941)349-9044 or e-mail her at [email protected].


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