Dietary Supplement Education Alliance Expands Board, Prill Elected to Newly Created Board Seat

Las Vegas, NV – In a unanimous vote, the board of directors of the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance voted Saturday to add a "Member at Large" board position and voted Rick Prill onto that board seat.

Prill, one of the founding members of the Alliance, recently resigned from the position he held for eight years as president of New Hope Natural Media. He will pursue a consulting practice in the industry, allowing him to continue his current involvement with New Hope as well as many industry associations and organizations.

"Rick has worked for years to get an allied industry PR campaign organized, and we couldn’t have done this without his help. He has played an important role in the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance’s successful first year. We are all grateful for his continued involvement, and wish him success in his new consulting practice," Board President Elliott Balbert said.

Fred Linder, Prill’s successor as president of New Hope Natural Media, has assumed the New Hope seat on the Alliance board.

Other board members are: Jon Benninger, Virgo Publishing; David Seckman, NNFA; Randy Dennin, Capsugel; Elliott Balbert, Natrol; Michael McGuffin, AHPA; and Adam Morgan, Nutricia(Rexall/GNC/ Unicity).

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