Discover What’s New! For Ingredient Bakery Solutions from S. Black at Food and Drink Expo 06

At Food and Drink Expo, leading innovative ingredients supplier S. Black will launch a new range of completely taste and odour-free Omega-3 nutritional oils onto the UK food, bakery and beverage sectors.

The newly available forms of Omega 3 are manufactured by Norwegian based Denomega Nutritional Oils and include an odour and taste-free liquid oil, powder and liquid emulsion. The Omega-3 content varies from 13% - 30% with a 1:1 ratio of DHA and EPA. Denomega™ powder is particularly in useful baked goods or where a dry mix is needed.

At the show, S. Black will also highlight a range of trans-free fats from world leader Loders Croklaan and a range of natural ingredients that include bake-stable flavours and reduced sodium solutions that can help in the production of healthier baked goods with a great taste.

Additionally, our grape seed and rosemary extracts exhibit anti-oxidant properties that can help reduce staling, thereby increasing shelf-life, naturally.

S. Black Ltd
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