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'The Doctor Game' Column Features CRAN-MAX(R) Cranberry Supplement

Toronto, ON, July, 2004 -- Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd. announces that the 'The Doctor Game', a syndicated column which runs in Canadian newspapers, has featured Cranmax(R) cranberry supplement and its ability to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI's).

The feature has run in papers across Canada From the Windsor Star to the Toronto Sun to the Calgary Sun to the Halifax Daily News. In all, between July 7 and 11th, over 2 million readers in 52 newspapers read, in lay terms, the science behind cranberry and Cranmax(R), the # 1 Cranberry Supplement in Canada that is the only cranberry supplement clinically tested and supported with research and science.

Cranmax(R), unlike cranberry juice, is specially prepared to contain the entire cranberry - fruits, seeds, skins and juice, and has a unique delivery system that protects the supplement from the stomach's gastric acid. The slow release process ensures E.coli are constantly bombarded and cannot stick to bladder walls.

Cran-Max(R) cranberry supplements are available at selected pharmacies, groceries and health food stores. For more information go to


About Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd.
Since 1994 Market-Wise has served as Corporate Advisors to the Nutraceutical Industry involved in Strategic Planning, Product Development and Research and Marketing. It is the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of CRAN-MAX(R) and the BIO-SHIELD(R) product line of proprietary infusedfruit powders, including BLUE-MAX(R) (blueberry-based), BIL-MAX(R)(bilberry-based) and ELDER-MAX(R) (elderberry-based).

Marketwise is also the owner of the GQA (Grower quality Assurance) trademark which represents food safety standards and good agricultural practices for North American growers of botanicals, fruits and vegetables. Growers participating in the program are audited and inspected to ensure that purity, potency and quality are achieved from the field gate to the finished product. For more information visit

Stephen Lukawski
Market-Wise Nutrition

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