Dorian Yates Certifies Protein Powders With BSCG

Dorian Yates Approved, LLC, a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer/marketing company based in Los Angeles, California, today announced that it has begun testing every production lot of its Pro MR and ProPeptide protein powder supplements for banned substances. Dorian Yates Approved has retained the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to have every production lot of these protein powders analyzed at an International Olympic Committee (IOC)/World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited testing facility for substances that have been banned by the IOC/WADA. Testing limits are as low as 10 nanograms per gram of supplement powder and the products will not be certified by BSCG if any banned substances are detected at these levels. For more information on the testing, details can be found on the BSCG website,

Dorian Yates Approved has been a leader in sports nutrition innovation since its inception and offers high quality, scientifically based, undenatured whey protein and micellar casein mixtures. These products have worked well for serious athletes. By commencing a costly banned substances testing program, Dorian Yates Approved claims a new first in sports nutrition and becomes the first and only protein powder supplement company in the country to offer protein powders certified through this program. Any athlete, professional or amateur, can consume Dorian Yates' Pro MR and ProPeptide protein powders secure in the knowledge that the products have been tested prior to earning the BSCG logo on each package.

For more information on Dorian Yates Approved, the product line, and how to purchase these certified powders, contact the company at or by telephone at (800) 562-8772.

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