Dr. Catherine J. Klein Receives Award

BETHESDA, MD – (February 13, 2006) - Catherine J. Klein, Ph.D., received the Research Workshop Top Abstract award from the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) today in Dallas, TX. The prestigious award, presented during the Rhoads Lecture and Research Awards Ceremony, marks the beginning of Clinical Nutrition Week.

Klein is a senior scientist with the nonprofit organization, Life Sciences Research Office, Inc. (LSRO; HTTP://WWW.LSRO.ORG), a research and analysis firm located in Bethesda, MD. The award recognizes her research relating to the loss of trace elements following trauma and during continuous renal replacement therapy. Klein and three colleagues are finalizing a paper on the topic, which will be published this summer. She had received the Rhoads Research Foundation Small Grants Award from A.S.P.E.N. in 1997 to support magnesium and zinc balance studies in critically ill patients treated with continuous renal replacement therapy.

Dr. Klein is the primary author of nine peer-reviewed publications, including a book chapter, and has lectured or presented at more than 25 professional meetings. She joined LSRO in 2001. Since then, she has served as editor for LSRO reports on preterm infant formula, adverse event monitoring systems for dietary supplements, and resuscitation fluids and adjunct therapies for use in combat. She is a magna cum laude graduate of the Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland, where she obtained her M.S. and Ph.D. in nutrition.

Michael Falk, Ph.D., Executive Director of LSRO, said "We are truly delighted to have one of our staff recognized with this highly regarded award. Nutrition has been a core research focus for us since we began in 1962. Dr. Klein has been quite successful in applying her research expertise to provide solutions to our client's problems." Maryland-based LSRO provides expert analysis and advice to governmental agencies, corporations and law firms involved in the food, science and biomedical fields.

Clinical Nutrition Week
In addition to A.S.P.E.N., eight other nutrition organizations participate in Clinical Nutrition Week, including the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, the American Society for Nutrition, the Canadian Society for Clinical Nutrition, and the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. The purpose of this annual event is to enhance collaboration among clinical nutrition specialists, and raise the profile of clinical nutrition within the health care community. The week features a comprehensive educational and scientific program focusing on the latest research, clinical practice and technological advances in clinical nutrition. Celebrations this year are being held February 12-15, 2006 in Dallas, TX.

For more than 40 years, the Life Sciences Research Office, Inc. (LSRO) has provided expert scientific evaluation, advice and services to the government and private sectors. Highly regarded for our distinctive approach, we tap the knowledge of the scientific community to direct global leaders to intelligent, science-based decisions. We offer a flexible portfolio of services and publications that are timely, accurate and unbiased. We invite you to see how LSRO can be an indispensable part of your strategic future. Visit us on the web at HTTP://WWW.LSRO.ORG/.
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