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Dr. Oz calls coconut palm sugar ‘best new sugar alternative’

Dr. Oz calls coconut palm sugar ‘best new sugar alternative’

Coconut palm sugar has been shown to be higher in nutrient content than comparable sweeteners, low glycemic and more effectively utilized by the body.

Big Tree Farms, the pioneer and global leader in the production of organic coconut palm sugar is proud to announce that television health icon, Dr. Oz devoted a 5-minute segment of the February 22, 2012, episode of The Dr Oz Show to coconut palm sugar. Dr. Oz called it “the best new sugar alternative.” To view the segment online, click here.

Big Tree Farms currently markets organic coconut palm sugar under the brand name SweetTree. Coconut palm sugars are produced from the sun-kissed sweet juices of tropical coconut palm flowers. Traditional coconut farmers climb high into the canopy and slice the flower in order to release sweet nectar, which, once collected, is kettle-boiled into a thick caramel and ground to a fine crystal. Coconut palm sugar has been proven to be significantly higher in nutrient content than other comparable sweeteners and as well is low glycemic, meaning that the sweetener does not contribute to sugar "highs and lows" and is more effectively utilized by the body, providing usable energy instead of storing fat.

Big Tree Farms Coconut Palm Sugar is high in nutrients such as potassium and magnesium, is low glycemic and can be used in exactly the same manner as cane sugar in a simple 1:1 direct replacement. Big Tree Farms, offering the widest selection of coconut palm sugar products, launched a number of new coconut palm sugar products including a 5g single sachets for retail and food service, 5lb Blonde baker bag and convenient shaker jars in our Blonde and a new Cinnamon flavor and a non-organic Blonde in a 1lb retail pouch and a 5lb baker bag.

Big Tree Farms launched the world's first certified organic coconut palm sugar in 2008 and continues to operate the largest supply chain and production facility of certified organic coconut sugar in the world. Redefining fair trade principles by working directly with over 13,000 farmer partners, Big Tree Farms is the largest organic food company in Indonesia. Working across commodities such as organic coconut products, organic cold processed cacao, chocolate, cashews and many other emerging super foods, Big Tree Farms continues to innovate new and exciting products for retail and industrial applications. For more information visit

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