Dr. Stephen Fulder to Present Educational Session on “New” Ancient Healing Modality, Greco-Arabic medicine, at Expo West

(Copenhagen, Denmark) March 5, 2008 -- Sprunk-Jansen will bring Stephen Fulder M.A., Ph.D., the internationally known British writer, researcher, and lecturer on herbs, to Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, California, to present “New Herbal Discoveries and the Metabolic Syndrome” on Saturday, March 15th from 1:00- 2:00 pm in Anaheim Convention Center, Room 205-B.

Dr. Fulder will be discussing novel herbs and ways to live with ‘metabolic syndrome’ which have been rediscovered from a forgotten medical system: Greek-Arabic medicine. Research-based herbal combinations, including insulin-stimulating desert saltbush, show amazing results. Dr. Fulder will also be introducing the Greco-Arabic healing modality to the US market.

Dr. Fulder, currently conducting research in Israel, has written 14 books and published numerous scientific papers on herbs. He is a pioneer who has helped introduce herbs such as ginseng and garlic to the US, and advised major health companies over the last 30 years.
“It is not only that there are fundamental new herbal ideas and plants, some of which are highly effective new therapeutic herbs such as Salt bush, Olive, Asfoetida and Black Cumin which are really very exciting,” Fulder said. “But the Sprunk-Jansen mission, in marketing products novel in the US and Europe, is introducing of a whole new system of medicine which has been ignored in the West up until now. It is a system still very much alive and in use by millions of people from the Far East to the Mediterranean.
This seminar is sponsored by the Danish-based company Sprunk-Jansen, which is making its US debut at Expo West in booth # 1589. Sprunk-Jansen products are based on the knowledge and use of therapeutic plants in the traditional Greek-Arabic healing tradition. The discoveries and product formulations are peaceful collaborations between Arab and Jewish scientists and herbal experts, combining years of modern research with thousands of years of traditional knowledge and usage. For more information please visit www.sprunk-jansen.com.

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