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Dr. Tung's Introduces Smart Floss

Honolulu, Hawaii, August 9, 2004: Dr. Tungs Dental Products, a leader in oral hygiene, introduces Smart Floss - their newest breakthrough in dental care. This revolutionary dental floss has been clinically proven to remove up to 50% more plaque than most common flosses! “The results are astonishing and the floss could have a major impact in the prevention of tooth decay”, according to Colin Davis, President and CEO of Dr. Tung’s. Smart Floss dental floss will be available nationwide from August, 2004.

Smart Floss dental floss is a revolutionary new product that is designed to expand while in use; adapting to interdental spaces, and not slipping through fingers, unlike conventional dental floss. The Smart Floss material is softer and more comfortable for both the gums and fingers. The patent-pending expandable filaments cover more surface area and remove more plaque than other floss, while also thin and soft enough to slip between the teeth. Consumers are struck with the comfort of the flossing experience. Designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers, Smart Floss comes in a variety of brightly colored containers, is lightly coated with beeswax, and has a natural cardamom flavor to freshen breath.

What is plaque?
Plaque is the sticky material consisting mainly of bacteria that develops on the exposed portions of the teeth. These bacteria are the cause of cavities and gum disease. It has been found that 3 out of 4 adults over the age of 35 are affected by some sort of gum disease! A toothbrush cleans only three of the tooth’s five surfaces. Flossing -especially with Smart Floss - is the most effective means of disrupting the accumulation of plaque on the other two important tooth surfaces, i.e. where the teeth touch each other. Daily flossing, and regular cleaning of the teeth are critical.

Smart Floss makes flossing easier, more comfortable and more effective!

Dr. Tungs Dental Products began manufacturing the first commercially available stainless tongue cleaner in the United States in 1995. Today, Dr. Tungs is an internationally known oral care brand with a wide range of products such as tongue cleaners, Ionic Toothbrush, Rejuv for gums, gum brushes, and much more.

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