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Dream Foods International, LLC Launches Volcano Orange Juice™ in the U.S.

100% Organic Italian Blood Orange Juice now Distributed Nationally

LOS ANGELES, May 30, 2003 – Dream Foods International, LLC announces that Volcano Orange Juice™ will be distributed nationwide beginning this month. The Sicilian-produced bright red, USDA-certified organic orange juice premiered at the Natural Products West trade show in Anaheim in March 2003. Since then, Santa Monica based Dream Foods has secured national distribution targeting natural foods and specialty markets.

Volcano Orange Juice™ is produced in Sicily from three rare varieties of blood oranges grown and hand harvested near the Mt. Etna volcano. The varieties of oranges used in creating this unique blend are Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello. The Tarocco is the prized table orange that is almost impossible to find outside of Sicily. Moros provide the dark magenta color, while all three varieties are extremely high in antioxidants provided by the volcanic red pigment.

All of the blood oranges are grown in a small area of Eastern Sicily which benefits from volcanic soil and cool ocean breezes, and which is recognized by the European Union with the coveted “Indicazione Geografica Protetta” (IGP) similar to the DOC designation on wine labels. It is difficult to find blood oranges even on the western side of Sicily near Palermo.
In order to secure the freshest flavor possible, the blood oranges are squeezed immediately after harvest and the juice pasteurized, giving the long shelf-life product a fresh-squeezed taste similar to the “Spremuta di Arance Rossa” found in most Italian bars. Unlike the fresh-squeezed “Spremuta,” Volcano Orange Juice™, packaged in one-liter glass bottles, is available year-round.

Bioagricert in Italy certifies Volcano Orange Juice™ according to USDA regulations. The juice also contains many nutritional qualities above and beyond the more common blond orange juice. Not only does an 8.5 oz glass contain twice the daily RDA of Vitamin C, the red pigment in the orange contains anthocyanins, which have antioxidant properties.

European Imports in the Midwest, Gourmet Merchants in Southern California, Tumbleweed Distributing in Northern California, Associated Buyers in New England and Culinary Specialty in the New York area, among others, are now distributing Volcano Orange Juice™. Trade Joe’s markets in the Northeast is selling it to retail consumers.

Since 1999, Dream Foods International, LLC has been importing Volcano Oranges®, which are distributed nationally during their short season from February through April. Consumers register on the company’s website, at all year round asking to be notified when the oranges are available. Dream Foods founder Adriana Kahane, who lives in Sicily part of each year, notes, “Finally consumers will be able to have Italian blood orange juice all year round.”

Volcano Orange Juice™ follows the successful introduction of the Sicilian and organic Volcano Lemon Burst™. While living in Italy in 2000, Marguerite Habis joined forces with Dream Foods to bring the unique Volcano Lemon Burst™ to the United States. Volcano Lemon Burst™ is bottled in the traditional plastic lemon packaging but with a fresh lemon taste.

“Unlike any other lemon juice on the market, our product actually tastes like fresh lemons because we have a proprietary cap with lemon oil in it. With each squeeze of the bottle, the oil and juice combine to give both the flavor and zest of a real lemon,” Habis said. Volcano Lemon Burst™ is currently sold at Wild Oats markets among many other national chains, and is also distributed by Albert’s Organics, Tumbleweed Distributing and Culinary Specialty.

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