Drinkable Protein? DSM, Naturally - Booth 2009 SupplySide West

Booth 2009, Supply Side West International Trade Show and Conference, Las Vegas, 9 – 11 November 2005

DSM Food Specialties focuses attention on its award-winning PeptoPro®, the unique natural source of drinkable protein, at Supply Side West 2005. A unique patented peptide mixture, PeptoPro is an easily-absorbed protein hydrolysate. Treated with proprietary enzymes to cut its protein into di- and tri-peptides for fast absorption, its well-balanced amino acid profile, in the correct ratio for human health, is left intact. Water soluble, de-bittered and highly nutritious, PeptoPro is a natural and safe protein source for application in many sectors.

PeptoPro was recently selected as the key ingredient in Ireland’s first protein-based sport recovery drink from Irish drinks group Cantrell & Cochrance (C&C). Club Energise Sport Recovery 20 has been developed to help sportsmen and sportswomen recover fast after exercise and has been endorsed by Irish sports professionals. PeptoPro, winner of the most innovative health ingredient award for DSM Food Specialties at Health Ingredients Europe 2004, provides energy directly to the muscles, helping to reduce fatigue, promoting faster recovery and repairing damaged muscle tissue.

Visitors to DSM’s booth at SSW will be able to sample C & C’s Club Energise Sport Recovery 20.

Stefan Siebrecht, global sales and marketing director for PeptoPro at DSM, adds: “As a neutral tasting, easily available protein source, PeptoPro is an ingredient which offers a wide range of other product concepts to food and beverage manufacturers. A key benefit is that many of the technical problems and physiological side effects normally associated with proteins and protein hydrolysates are eliminated with PeptoPro. We are exploring its performance, functionality, efficacy and application in many areas including the soft drinks, youth and elderly markets"


C&C is a brand leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of beverages and snacks in Ireland with a growing presence Internationally in cider, spirits and liqueurs. The Group successfully completed an Initial Public Offering in May 2004 and is listed on the Irish and London Stock Exchange.

DSM Food Specialties is a major supplier of added-value food and beverage ingredients to a diverse customer base. With a comprehensive portfolio of market leading ingredients, the company is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of dairy, savoury and beverage ingredients as well as functional foods and baking enzymes.

For further information on PeptoPro please contact: DSM Food Specialties in the Netherlands. Tel: +31 15 279 2685 Fax: +31 15 279 3540 E-mail: [email protected]
Or visit http://www.peptopro.com/

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