DSEA Launches Online Vitamin E Resource Center

The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) launched an online Vitamin E Resource Center in response to media coverage of a study questioning the safety of the popular supplement. The website is www.vitaminEfacts.org.

“Because our mission is to proactively educate the media and others about the benefits of dietary supplements, we saw the need to offer information that would counter the inaccurate, misleading and downright frightening news stories being reported in the media,” said Jon Benninger, vice president of DSEA. “With our resources, including a stellar scientific advisory board, we’ve been able to pull together information that consumers and industry alike will find useful in responding to inquiries about the safety of vitamin E."

In addition to the vitaminEfacts.org site, DSEA has begun other measures designed to reconfirm the safety and benefits of vitamin E.

"Vitamin E is safe and DSEA is committed to delivering that message," Benninger said. "We cannot allow outrageous and irresponsible reporting to confuse consumers and negatively impact public health."

DSEA is funded by more than 80 companies within the dietary supplement industry, and is led by a board of directors that includes manufacturers, suppliers, trade associations, educational institutions and industry media. As an industry-wide coalition, DSEA welcomes participation by any interested industry members on the vitamin E initiative and other programs. Please contact Deb Knowles at DSEA (941) 349-9044 for more information.

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