DSM and NOC*NSF start pre-Olympic year with innovations in nutrition

Today, one year before the Olympics in China, DSM and the Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch
Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) are presenting two innovations in the field of sports nutrition.
PeptoPro® powder and a special grade of Lafti for sportspeople will be made available to the
Dutch Olympic team in the run-up to and during the Olympics. The Lafti grade has even been
developed exclusively for the Dutch athletes. The two products are the first in a series of diverse
innovations that DSM is developing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 in close collaboration with
the Dutch athletes and NOC*NSF. These innovations are part of the Olympic Innovation
Program, about which DSM and NOC*NSF will be communicating on several occasions in the
run-up to the Olympics.

Lafti® probiotics
The latest product that DSM has been developing in collaboration with NOC*NSF is a special
grade of Lafti® for sportspeople. The Lafti probiotics range developed by DSM uniquely
combines several lactic acid bacterial strains whose probiotic properties have been scientifically
proven. This innovation should help the Olympic athletes to boost their natural resistance and
maintain a well-balanced intestinal flora. The innovation is a response to concrete requests from
Dutch athletes. Top athletes are often prone to develop intestinal complaints and a weakened
immune system, particularly in extreme weather conditions such as in China. These physical
complaints can have an adverse effect on their performance.

Together with NOC*NSF DSM has started a test program for Olympic athletes who are suffering
or have suffered from complaints relating to their intestinal tract or their immune system. DSM is
currently providing this select group of athletes with Lafti® probiotics. The initial responses are
positive. Over the next few months it will be decided to which athletes Lafti will be made
available in the run-up to and during the Olympics in China.

PeptoPro® powder
PeptoPro® powder is the latest form of PeptoPro®, a casein hydrolysate (a protein cut into
fragments) that ensures a better endurance and a quick recovery after an intense training effort.
Following the successful launch of the PeptoPro® drink during the Athens Olympics in 2004,
DSM has worked hard to further improve the product. These efforts have resulted in the present
powder form with a strongly improved stability. In addition, the product’s taste (which is often an
issue in casein hydrolysates) has been improved further. Athletes can use the powder to prepare
the sports drink at the place and time at which they need it. Many of them had expressed this
wish. The powder is the solution to the problems associated with the transport of ready-made
packs of PeptoPro® that athletes and their support staff used to have. Moreover, cold storage
(which, in the case of the liquid product form, would be an absolute requirement during the
summer period in China) is no longer necessary.

PeptoPro® has two functions; in the first place, it promotes the transport of sugars into muscle
tissue, where they are converted into glycogen, which is an important energy store for the
muscles. Secondly, it stimulates the synthesis of muscle protein after heavy exercise. Rens
Blom, pole-vault world champion: ‘By using PeptoPro I have been able to intensify my training
program. My muscles recover more quickly and my energy level during the day is a lot higher. In
this way PeptoPro was a very big help to me in winning the world championship, and it is now
helping me in the run-up to the Olympics. And this PeptoPro powder is a very welcome

Nutrition in China
Tjeerd de Vries, sports physiologist for NOC*NSF, confirms that it is absolutely essential for
athletes to use the right sports nutrition during the Olympics in China: ‘Dehydration can cause
an athlete to fail, destroying in one day what has been built up through years of training.’ Wellbalanced
nutrition is therefore a very important part of an athlete’s preparations for the event.
‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’, says Tjeerd. The conditions in Beijing will be very tough –
apart from the hot conditions that are to be expected, the high humidity will be a major challenge
to the athletes. As one of the Dutch athletes said during a recent preparatory training period in
China: ‘It’s like cycling through syrup.’

Innovations under development
Following this official kick-off to the ‘Road to Beijing’ program, DSM and NOC*NSF will jointly be
presenting further innovations in the field of nutrition and materials on several occasions during
the pre-Olympic year.

DSM and Sport
Sport is about performing at a top level, day in, day out. About passion, ambition, wanting to be
the best, about continuous improvement and teamwork. As such, sport embodies a number of
DSM’s core values. Just like sportspeople DSM is continuously pushing its limits:
Unlimited.DSM. Innovation is one of the main spearheads of DSM’s strategic course, and it is
equally important in the world of sports: innovations in the fields of nutrition and materials can
mean the difference between victory and defeat. Innovation is our Sport™ is therefore an apt
title for DSM’s program in the field of sports.

DSM and the Dutch Olympic Committee/Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) have been
‘Partners in Sport’ since 2001. As an innovation partner, DSM develops new products in the
fields of nutrition and materials exclusively for the Dutch Olympic team. During the Athens 2004
Olympics, the world saw the introduction of PeptoPro®, heat-regulating garments and a
revolutionary rowing helmet; in Turin DSM came up with innovations in bobsleighs. In the run-up
to Beijing 2008, DSM has stepped up its efforts in the field of sports and innovation even further
in the hope of making a major contribution to the success of the Dutch Olympic team during the
next Summer Games.

DSM is active worldwide in nutritional and pharma ingredients, performance materials and
industrial chemicals. The company creates innovative products and services that help improve
the quality of life. DSM’s products are used in a wide range of end markets and applications
such as human and animal nutrition and health, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and
transport, coatings, housing and electrics & electronics (E&E). DSM’s strategy, named Vision
2010 – Building on Strengths, focuses on accelerating profitable and innovative growth of the
company’s specialties portfolio. Market-driven growth, innovation and increased presence in
emerging economies are key drivers of this strategy. The group has annual sales of over EUR 8
billion and employs some 22,000 people worldwide. DSM ranks among the global leaders in
many of its fields. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations in Europe
Asia, Africa and the Americas. More information about DSM can be found at www.dsm.com.

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