DSM Nutritional Products Launches LAFTI® Second Generation Probotics At Nutracon

(March 3, 2004) The March 7, 2003 issue of ‘FDA NEWS’ stated, “Of the 25 probiotic products tested, 8 contained less than 1% of the claimed number of live bacteria…” and the American Public Health Association found that about half of the market is made up of inferior probiotic supplements.

These and other studies suggest that many probiotic supplements claiming ‘guaranteed dose at time of manufacture’ can actually provide little health benefit to the consumer. Often harsh environments during transport, storage and in the GI tract can kill live bacteria, rendering the supplements ineffective.

Lynda Doyle, Director of Marketing, DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. (DSM) notes, “Our LAFTI® second generation probiotics are the result of extensive screening of a vast collection of micro-organisms with probiotic effect. By isolating those strains with the greatest efficacy, DSM is establishing a portfolio of probiotics that remain stable through shelf life and through the GI tract where they are designed to take effect.”

Lynda Doyle concluded, “LAFTI probiotics are specifically developed for superior survival through the GI tract to deliver an efficacious dose to the consumer. The shelf stable, highly concentrated free flowing powder is designed to provide excellent stability in a variety of dietary supplement applications. The improved survivability of LAFTI probiotics ensures that more live beneficial bacterium is delivered to the consumer.”

DSM’s technical experts are eager to work with supplement manufacturers’ product development teams to create new products containing LAFTI second generation probiotics.

For more information, please contact DSM Nutritional Products, Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054. Phone: 1-800-526-0189. Website: www.nutraaccess.com

* LAFTI is a registered trademark of DSM.

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