DSM offers Quali-Blends premix solutions

DSM offers Quali-Blends premix solutions

DSM provides homogenous, customized Quali-Blends in a variety of liquid and dry forms.

A worldwide leader in nutritional innovation for more than 75 years, DSM Nutritional Products offers manufacturers of foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and infant formulas the complete range of customized nutrient premix solutions to help them achieve greater growth in today’s highly competitive marketplace. From market knowledge and product development expertise, to superior global quality and unrivaled blending capabilities, DSM provides a total premix partnership.

DSM’s market research helps to identify important health trends, which enhances its ability to formulate tailor-made premixes that successfully meet consumer demand. Experienced DSM applications experts also work with customers to develop innovative nutritional products faster and more cost-effectively.

DSM helps you to go to market more successfully by providing homogenous, customized Quali-Blends® in a variety of liquid and dry forms. The blends can include vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, nutraceuticals, botanicals, colorants, flavorings, and more. In addition, as the only vertically-integrated supplier in the industry, DSM controls quality at every stage to ensure the reliability, traceability, and sustainability of its premixes.

By partnering with a scientific leader in nutrition, DSM customers benefit from a pipeline of innovative new ingredients, comprehensive regulatory support, and gain access to an extensive library of scientific research. Moreover, DSM’s global network of application laboratories, premix plants, and production sites enables DSM to deliver its total nutrient premix solutions anywhere in the world. For more information on how DSM can assist manufacturers from beginning to blend, call 1-800-526-0189 or visit www.quali-blends.com

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