DuPont launches cultures for pizza cheese

DuPont launches cultures for pizza cheese

The culture range marks the first commercial use of CRISPR technology in the cheese industry.

CHOOZIT SWIFT is an opportunity for manufacturers to relieve pressures for cost optimization through outstanding phage management and consistent, reliable acidification during pizza cheese processing.

Major benefits include yield improvements, process time optimization and the minimization of product downgrades, all thanks to DuPont innovation enabling the rotation of cultures without unwanted variability. 

Identical quality with low phage risk
A concentrated blend of highly active Streptococcus thermophilus cultures, CHOOZIT SWIFT is available in three to six phage-robust, isofunctional starters, designed for direct inoculation in the cheese vat.

Due to their identical functionality, the starters enable easy rotation without altering the recipe or process, allowing a consistent quality of cheese from vat to vat. CHOOZIT SWIFT allows manufacturers to gain maximum protection against phage – virus – attacks, which are a constant risk during acidification and can ruin an entire cheese batch.

“Achieving consistency and reliability is a major hurdle for pizza cheese manufacturers. Every gram of fat or protein and every minute lost during processing have an impact on performance,” said Annie Mornet, global business director for CHOOZIT, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

“CHOOZIT™ SWIFT is designed to help plants under productivity pressure. By optimizing phage control and acidification, manufacturers will experience a positive effect on yield and shelf life.”

First use of patented technology
The culture range marks the first commercial use of CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) technology in the cheese industry. A recognized pioneer behind the technology, DuPont uses CRISPR to develop cultures with a natural, built-in immunity to the phages that commonly attack during cheese production.

Unlike the cultures used for conventional rotations in fermented dairy plants, CHOOZIT SWIFT are characterized by their identical functionality allowing each member of the rotation to perform in exactly the same way. The only difference lies in their phage immunity, a DuPont patented technology.

“This is what makes CHOOZIT™ SWIFT so fast, safe and easy to use. Manufacturers can add any one of the three starters and still end up with exactly the same pizza cheese at the end of the processing line,” Annie states.

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