Dyna-Tabs Presents Vitamin and Herbal Dietary Supplements in a Fast-dissolving Tab; Also Announces Appointment of Sales Director

Dyna-Tabs is pleased to introduce vitamin and herbal dietary supplements in a fast-dissolving tab. Launching in the U.S. with 8 SKUs, Dyna-Tabs offer time-crunched consumers a convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling a hectic schedule. The debut line features 8 varieties of tabs including ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT, CRAVINGS RESIST, IMMUNE HEALTH SUPPORT, DIGESTIVE ASSIST, CARB RESIST, ENERGY SUPPORT, MEMORY SUPPORT, DIGESTIVE SUPPORT formulated in a variety of tropical and traditional flavors (Pineapple-Banana, Kiwi-Strawberry, Citrus, Orange Spice, Chocolate Mint, Chamomile, Spearmint and Peppermint) that dissolve quickly on the tongue so you do not need any water.

“The public is more health conscious than ever and is looking for ways to improve their daily routine. But, until now, companies have not evolved their product forms and packaging to help the millions of consumers who travel frequently and don’t want to pack bulky bottles in their luggage or pockets or carry cases, attache cases, those who forget to take their vitamins or who simply cannot swallow pills,” comments Harold Baum, Co-Founder of Dyna Tabs LLC.

Dyna-Tabs are distributed globally in the U.S, Europe, Latin and South America and the Caribbean, with additional international markets in development. New SKUs will be introduced throughout the year to continue serving emerging consumer health and wellness trends.

In addition, the company is producing Aloe Vera Drinking Gel in 1000ML bottles. Aloe Vera has been used traditionally to cleanse the digestive system and has been used for centuries to support overall good health and well being.

Company Appoints Sales Director

Mike Butler, former pitcher for the California Angels and Minnesota Twins, and former Director of national accounts for Cardinal International, district sales manager for Oneida Ltd, and accounts manager for Mars Inc has joined DYNATABS as National Sales Director.

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