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Dynamic Nutritional Products Introduces Products in Weight Loss Category

Dynamic Nutritional Products Alters its Usual Product Mix

IRVINE, CA (February 4, 2004) –- Dynamic Nutritional Products deviating from its usual product line, is introducing two new natural weight loss supplements for adults, Ever Thin™ and Carb Defense™. Known for its line of energy, antioxidant and joint support formulas, the company feels obesity is a problem far to important to ignore. The new products are now available at participating health food retailers.

Ever Thin™ and Carb Defense™ work with most diet plans.

Ever Thin™

Ephedra-free Ever Thin™ is designed to meet the needs of overweight adults. The product comes with a diet brochure titled “Principles of Natural Weight Loss” written by Ken Babel, Certified Nutritionist and well know industry author and lecturer. The booklet includes tips on weight management and a seven-day diet menu with recipes. Babal is a former instructor at the Southern California School of Culinary Arts. Dieting never tasted this good.

Ever Thin’s natural weight loss formula has a unique blend of thermogenic ingredients, fat burners and other necessary factors that are part of a healthy weight loss plan. This formula includes extracts from cocoa; bitter orange; green tea; L-Carnitine ; Vitamin B6; Chromium to modulate blood sugar levels and alpha lipoic acid, an important cofactor in energy metabolism and kelp to provide minerals which help increase metabolism.

Carb Defense™

Carb Defense™ works on the type of carbohydrate known as starch. The product decreases starch digestion by inhibiting the alpha-amylase enzyme, thus reducing the breakdown of starch into simple carbohydrates. Foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, beans, pasta, grits, popcorn, noodles, granola, and many more are primarily starch. Most people have two to four starch foods with each meal where one would suffice. Carb Defense™ can be an adjunct to any diet, including low-carb diets or any diet program where users will benefit from a reduction in carbohydrate calories.

Ever Thin™ is available in a 120 tablet bottle, while Carb Defense™ is available in a 60 and 90 tablet bottle. Both are suitable for vegetarians. Prices are aggressive for maximum retail profit margin.

About Dynamic Nutritional Products

Irvine, Calif. based Dynamic Nutritional Products was built on the foundation of providing high-quality nutritional supplements for the purpose of health and well being. Dynamic Nutritional Product’s prices are among the lowest in the industry. All products are backed by independent lab assays to insure the highest quality. Dynamic Nutritional Products’ goal is to form a partnership in health. Dynamic quality. Dynamic price.

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