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EAS announces additional food supplement workshop as industry demand soars

International food and nutritional policy consultancy EAS has announced it will hold a second workshop to help food supplement companies successfully launch products in the European Union’s different Member State markets.

The workshop, titled “Building a Regulatory Strategy for Marketing Food Supplements in Europe: The key steps to a successful product launch”, will be held for the second time on 3 April in Brussels, following on from EAS’ already fully-booked 20 February workshop.

The day-long event will cover the wide spectrum surrounding food supplements, from product entrance strategies to advice on regulations for nutritional and herbal ingredients, health claims and labelling, and an assessment of different Member State distribution policies, market practices and controls.

Participation in the workshop is limited to 25 in order to maximise value for attendees and provide companies with important elements for developing strategic solutions.

“There have been so many new developments over the last year and we have received an endless range of questions from companies on the impact these changes will have on their businesses,” said Stefanie Geiser, Regulatory Affairs Manager of EAS-Italy. “So we saw the need to provide companies with a clearer picture of the situation. There has been an immense response, that’s why we’ve decided to organise another one for April.”

In a podcast interview Ms Geiser highlighted some of the most significant regulatory developments that will also be covered in the workshop – EFSA’s recently issued guidance document on the safety of botanicals; changes to the rules for health claims submitted under article 18; action by the European Commission to compile the overall Article 13 health claims list from Member States submissions for EFSA evaluation, and the ongoing discussions surrounding maximum levels for vitamins and minerals.

Commenting on the latest developments on maximum levels Ms Geiser said: “There are indications that these may be established on the basis of upper safe levels from EFSA, and this could potentially be combined with those of the UK Expert Group on vitamins and minerals in cases where EFSA may lack data on some substances. In the meantime divergent national rules on maximum limits and herbal ingredients still continue to apply, and we will address strategic approaches to tackling these at the workshop.”

To listen to the full podcast with Stefanie Geiser or for more information on the April 3 workshop visit


EAS provides strategic consulting advice on European, Asian and international regulation on food and nutritional products. It provides companies with regulatory and strategic advice for the marketing and approval of their products in Europe and Asia. EAS also advises governments, trade associations and companies on the impact of European, Asian and global policy.

EAS has offices in Brussels, Italy and Singapore. EAS Italy is a branch of EAS Europe located in northern Italy to follow EFSA developments in Parma closely.

For more information on EAS Europe contact EAS, 50 Rue de l’Association, 1000 Brussels, tel: (+32) (0) 2 218 14 70, email [email protected] or visit For information on EAS Asia contact EAS Strategic Advice Pte Ltd, 3 Killiney Road, 07-04 Winsland House I, Singapore 239519, tel: (+65) 68 38 12 70, email: [email protected] or visit

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