EAS Clarifies Health Claims Regulations in Key World Markets

Regulators and food companies in the Asian region last week attended a one-day seminar highlighting the practical implications of health claims regulations across Asia and the European Union (EU).

The seminar, which was sold out in a matter of weeks, was titled ‘Practical implications of Claims Regulations and key steps to successfully accessing markets in Asia & Europe’. Hosted by international food and nutrition policy consultancy EAS, it was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 18.

Speakers Daniel Tsi, Regional Director of EAS Asia, and EAS Europe Adviser Miguel da Silva, gave the attendees a clear picture of the different regulations and practices in key Asian markets and the European Union (EU) and how these impact in practice on both the national authorities and the food industry.

“Understanding the key features and the diversity of health claims regulations in Asia is crucial to a successful business strategy,” said Dr Tsi. “The various case studies explained at the workshop enabled participants to gain insight into the complex practical aspects and key national requirements for making health claims, as well as the importance of credible scientific substantiation depending on the regulatory classification of the product.”

Dr Tsi gave an overview of the international and ASEAN regional developments on health claims followed by a session on the different classifications of health supplements and functional foods in a number of Asian markets. He also highlighted the opportunities and challenges that exist for manufacturers. The final session ended with a discussion on several health claims case studies in different Asian markets.

Mr da Silva focused on the EU’s health claims regulation, highlighting the complexities of the harmonisation procedure. He also offered practical tips on how to substantiate a health claim and prepare dossiers for authorisation, and gave an overview of the claims approval process.

Mr da Silva said: “Knowing the EU regulatory and scientific requirements and the authorisation process for the different types of health claims is imperative. Regulatory guidance in dossier preparation can play a big role in avoiding unfavourable outcome.”

Due to the popularity of the seminar, EAS Asia will hold a second edition in Singapore next year.

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