EAS to Hold Workshop on EU Food Supplement Regulations

International food and nutrition policy consultancy EAS will be holding a one-day intensive workshop to guide food supplement companies through the complex rules of key national and European legislative policies.

The workshop entitled “Marketing Food Supplements in Europe: The key steps to a successful product launch” will be held on 17 June, helping companies successfully navigate issues such as national approaches to ingredients, novel foods and one of the most debated topics in the industry, health claims.

“The EU Regulation on health claims continues to present an important marketing hurdle for food supplement companies and ingredient suppliers in the EU,” said Stefanie Geiser EAS-Italy Regulatory Affairs Manager. “The European Food Safety Authority standards for scientific substantiation are high, and there have been many rejected files. The European Commission and Member States, however, still have the final say in the interpretation of the European Food Safety Authority’s opinions. In our workshop we will present the status of EFSA evaluations and standards but also provide a review of what companies can expect on health claims for the future.”

The EAS regulatory team will also be providing companies with expert advice on the key steps to be followed when launching food supplement products in Europe. The aim is to equip companies so as develop an effective strategy for different types of food supplements for a successful launch, avoiding the common pitfalls.

“While the European Union seems to be moving ahead with the harmonisation of food legislation, a company wishing to market a food supplement product across Europe must still comply with a combination of European Union and national laws,” explained EAS Regulatory Affairs Manager Katarina Wagner, one of the workshop presenters. “Manufacturers are often having to reformulate according to the country-specific rules. It is therefore essential to have a good knowledge of the pan-European regulatory environment to overcome the challenges to marketing products across the EU.”

The workshop is limited to 25 attendees to enable participants to get clear guidance on issues specific to their businesses that will have an impact on their regulatory strategies.

For more information or to register for the workshop visit our website at http://www.eas.eu/Event.aspx?eventid=30 or contact us on [email protected] / tel +32 2 218 14 70.

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